A Day In The Life of a Realtor - What We Do To Earn Our Fees

Full-time REALTORS® who excel in their careers are high-energy, time-efficient professionals who know how to handle stress and responsibility well. There are definitely REALTORS® out there who cut corners and do not take care of their responsibilities as well, but they should not define our industry. The real estate industry has many impressive professionals that I've had the pleasure to work with when helping my clients buy or sell a home in Colorado Springs.

Below is a list of many agent responsibilities.

Common REALTOR® Responsibilities:

  • Schedule Showings
  • Schedule Listing Appointments
  • Maintain Required Continuing Education
  • Deliver Earnest Money On Time
  • Coordinate Property Inspections
  • Keep Up With Mortgage Company Progress
  • Verify Buyer’s New Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Coordinate Home Warranty Company
  • Negotiate Counteroffers
  • Schedule Closings
  • Attend Closings
  • Get All Disclosures Delivered & Signed
  • Keep The Transaction On Track
  • Provide Educational Materials to Consumers
  • Keep Your Blog Active
  • Maintain Active Social Media Profiles
  • Answer the Phone ALL DAY & NIGHT
  • Return Missed Phone Calls
  • Return Emails ASAP
  • Follow Up With Website Inquiries
  • Keep Up With Changing Laws
  • Run Comparables for Buyers & Sellers
  • Determine Accurate Pricing
  • Help Stage & Present Properties
  • Meet the Appraiser at Property
  • Meet the Inspector(s) at Property
  • Show Hundreds-Thousands of Homes Each Year
  • Get Signed Contract to Title Company
  • Negotiate Repairs
  • Keep Clients Updated With Each Step
  • Provide Comps for the Appraiser
  • Coordinate Closing
  • Review HUD-1 for Errors
  • Make Sure There is a Clear Title
  • Explain the Contract to Clients
  • Provide Advice on Offer Price
  • Explain The Current Real Estate Market
  • Explain Pros & Cons of Each Neighborhood
  • Verify Completion of Repairs
  • Make Sure The Loan Funds
  • Schedule & Attend the Walkthrough
  • Dispute Low Appraisals
  • Verify Delivery of Title Commitment
  • Remind Clients to Schedule Utilities
  • Manage Your Online Reputation
  • Compete with 1,000’s of Realtors for Business
  • Deal With Vendors
  • Keep MLS Listing Data Current
  • Attend Real Estate Conferences
  • Network with Local Home Builders
  • Coordinate Open Houses
  • Check Up On Past Clients
  • Still Have a Life After You're Done!

Much of what we do is done behind the scenes. We pride ourselves on our client's positive feedback. REALTORS® absorb most of the stress of the home buying and selling process so that their clients can relax. It can be rewarding to be a an advocate and adviser to help people with one of the most expensive purchases or sales that they will typically make in their lives. 

It is very rewarding to be an advocate for people during this time in their lives. For this reason, many REALTORS® become close friends with their clients long after their transaction is over. 

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